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Saturday, March 14, 2015

New Critics Choice Review from the GhostGetter

GCCR #2 Hindsight TV Show on VH1

I have always had a fascination for time travel. Whether it be movies, stories, or shows. I went in thinking in my mind that Hindsight would mainly be a show for women than anything, The shows plot takes you into the life of a women who is about to be married in 2014 but is questioning her life, her fiance, her job, her entire existence. She doesn't seem to be happy with her life when she leaves an engagement party, steps onto an elevator and wishes things where different. She passes out and wakes up in 1994. She begins to try to change things that failed in her life, past marriage, a failed friendship, even a disaster with her brother. Nothing seems to go as planned as fate would go otherwise. It started kind of slow for me but one thing that kept me going was the sound track. It has an amazing soundtrack and hit the nail on the head with songs of 94 and before. I even looked up to see if the songs where accurate with the year and sure enough they had them right on the year. Of course being VH1 it shouldn't surprise me. But i liked the idea of them throwing in the forgotten music as well. They had the era down pat from the environment to what was the in thing fashion and television. The setting was in New York BUT one thing I will say was what I think a big mistake was the HUGE Elephant in the room that never seemed to come up and everyone knows would be the first thing any New Yorker would talk about if they went back to 1994. Figured it out?......You guessed it....9/11. Not even a mention or hint as if it never happened. I read statistics once that said every person who lived in New York at the time either new someone who was killed or was related in some way. Maybe I'm wrong but It would seem to be a big thing to bring up. Of course VH1 probably didn't want to mention it. And I understand it's not a thing they wanted to get into. It probably would have taken alot of space. This is a great time travel show though and we don't see shows or movies that go back to the 90s. Maybe it was a decade people wanna forget. Music wasn't the greatest but 50% of the time they had one come out worth it which they touched on. It has everything from edge of your seat oh crap moments, humor moments, telling the audience things we know but people around her don't such as her mention of Uber at one point she wished for when she broke down. Things we forgot about the show reminds us of. Pay Phones, popularity of magazines and the importance. even down the glow sticks. Remember those? You find yourself lost in the decade. For the women you would love it because its for you and for the guys some of it is for you as well but I would go 70/30 on that. But definitely worth it because of today's shows filled with nothing but horror or horrible death drama, it's nice to finally see something different without worrying about a child being in the room. Adults and teens alike will like this show and everyone ends on a dammit making you hate to wait till next week. By the way, the last show of the season (without giving it away) is probably the best season ending I've seen in a long time. You will definitely be looking for season 2. Let's see if they have one. I always hate when you like a show and they kill it by cancelling the next season leaving you hanging. Jerico, Dead Like Me. Thanks alot. Watch for yourself and leave a comment for future discussion. Great time travel show.
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