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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Chip Coffey and the Bible. Who's right!

I recently seen a post from a minister on Facebook recently that slightly disturbed me. Most of you who listen to my show know I follow the bible more than most religions out in society because those religions DON'T follow the bible like they should because in my belief it's the word of God coming from Gods mouth. Now some of you will say Meeeh and roll your eyes at me but this is what I think. Respect that. It's not my point anyway. My point is the post was some psychics should not be trusted but there are some who can be trusted and it's ok to seek and go to. This is somewhat what I heard and it bothered me. Were alot of religions may claim to be different, ALL follow a bible they should be honoring and keeping with those words and Gods laws. Chip Coffey did not like the idea of me posting in the comments, a recent article and youtube video I discussed on my show about Operation Bumblebee https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JayDQLznZr0
and commented it in the section of the ministers post. So Chip calls them out with a rebuttal I did not see and posts the rebuttal for me to read.
My point wasn't Coffey itself but the fact we see people who are supposed to be of God but DO NOT follow his word.
which talks of NOT seeking out mediums or enchanters. here are SEVERAL scriptures which talk of those psychics who should not be sought after 
By they way before anyone attacks or say I don't use King James versions there are several versions as well with more scriptures. Again my point is I have been in this field for a long time most of my life and I know from experience were all this comes from. There has never been proof it's coming from your dead uncle or aunt BUT I have been in MANY situations were i proved I as well as others were being deceived and lied to. I have said many times Psychics do not know who it is exactly because Demons have been deceiving since the beginning of man and always imitate those who have past on. The dead do not speak. Ecclesiastes 9 5 and 10 king james
Even if you think your right how do you know for sure who your talking to and are your sources honest when they may not be. I question therefore I am hated and make people angry.
Tell the truth and do not make claims you do not follow. The bible is ment to be followed from cover to cover and not your selective viewing.
It's your choice but in the long run. Do you really wanna claim to be right? You better make sure.


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