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Friday, April 10, 2015

Critics Choice Review # 3 Goodbye Suddenlink

I have just said so long to one of the businesses I have been dealing with for a few years now and should have dumped them a long time ago. This is one company I would NOT waste my time on unless you have no choice and it was life and death. They didn't start out so bad But the cable and internet phone bundle just kept getting worse. First the cable. It started going out like a satellite dish in a bad storm but this was cable and no satellite. It took three time for someone to come out before they fixed it and several boxes. They made claims that it was my fault the old tenants fault and the owners problem. till it turned out to be a loose cable wire coming out of the wall. I then had HD reception problems i couldn't get right till finally enough was enough and dropped the cable and switched to Dish. Then the phone kept disconnecting and acted as if the line was dead every month sometimes for a few weeks. When called to come out they never really fixed the problem just made the internet better. My phone started working but the internet was going out. By the end of the month when it came time to pay the bill, everything started working until the bill was paid and it went back out again. By the time the guy kept coming out, they wanted to charge me for the visit and new equipment which they should have been providing. So Now i have a phone not working and an internet that does or the internet would go out and the phone would work. On top of all of this 100 bucks a month I was paying for a phone that never worked or internet which cut me off of Jackalope often, I tried to run my station and SuddenLink decides to send me a warning (more like a threat) that im using to much internet I cut my station to the weekends instead of all week. Which was fine for a while. Then comes another email a few months later saying Im using more than ever so I stopped and played the station just one day they send me an email saying I use to much internet there gonna charge me 200 bucks a month now. I dont know of anyone who pays that much using more that I do which was I believe 350 MB a month. I said enough is enough and cut them loose. They have multiple complaints of bad reception and dead lines. 1998 dialup was better than this. On top of all the complaints online I had a person named suddenlink guy who started following me on twitter before the emails came out. What a coincidence huh? In closing if you have choices, NEVER go to Suddenlink. The longer you have them the worse they are to there long time customers. So Goodbye Suddenlink...don't let the door hit you in the butt on the way out. And by the way I was paying for 15 the highest they have. My new one has 45 and cut my bill almost in half lets see how that turns out.

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