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Friday, April 10, 2015

Originally Posted Review #1 March 3rd 14 Stryper No More Hell To Pay Concert

First Review...A week ago I talked about this last Thursday on my show how bad Metallica has been lately and Axl Roses voice is all but dead. Most of your musicians from the 70s and 80s are either retiring or leaving us from this earth. It's getting rare to find anyone which stands the test of time. Recently on Axstv I seen Stryper and Hard Rock/Metal Christian Band Live from the Whiskey in concert. I have not been a massive fan like those out there who pick one and one band only to follow as there favorite. I have always chose Iron Maiden and Van Halen as the first BUT we can't chose only one because all are different and the more unique they are the better it is. People tend to get tired of the same sounding garbage that is killing our ears these days. Stryper gave me a sense that music is not completely dead and there is a glimmer of hope in our recording studios that may someday cause us to actually stop in the music sections of stores and not pass it thinking we already have what they sell because everything heard today is absolutely a huge disappointment and we would rather pop in a cd of cat calls than what they play on the radio today. But as some of you know according to Gene Simmons, It's our fault because the fans killed it. Stryper surprised me. I expected Micheal Sweets Voice to change with his age and no longer be the strong impressive sound it once was. I was wrong. His voice still makes your hair stand on end and when I expected the reformed original members to play I was waiting for them to be off from one another and not be in tune. Again I was wrong. The back vocals impressed me as well with every sound in tune as if it was 1986 again. With every expectation of what i see when I look at bands of old today and I do see alot of them, alot of those bands lose what they once had...Heart. Playing what they want instead of what the fans wanna hear, leaving out stuff which is the reason why we are there to begin with. We all fell in love with a sound from these people and when they change or corporate changes it THIS is the reason why they die, NOT THE FANS GENE who uses cover band members to play original music we fell for. Stryper did flawless work and I felt as if I was back to 30 years ago. There one of the only few bands from the past I hear today that impress me. I say hands in the air to them and lighters lit for more of there songs.

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