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Monday, May 11, 2015

LSF Woods Cronie Response

I addressed this on my show and obviously certain people in this field refused to listen to what I addressed. So I will put it in words so people will have it written down.
People have come into my chat are former fans and followers of LSF and had concerns that were refused to be addressed. They had nowhere to turn and no one to listen. They came to my show and had the RIGHT to have these concerns addressed. Money that was taken. alleged email hacks, alleged fraud, so on and so on. Just like any radio show. It is legal for these people to call in and address these concerns. By the way, if this documentary that he claims he is making and asking for money on gofundme doesn't pan out and no documentary is made will he return this money to the people that he ask in charity? Because if it isn't returned and no movie is made wouldn't that be fraud? Either way it won't matter because I have addressed this issue and will no longer make a big deal out of it or care much because I will not be responding to the Facebook group made especially for me attacking my show. Slandering me while saying im slandering people. That makes no sense at all. Then calling me a hypocrite in the process. Can anyone address why there was a petition page made against Tim and there concerns about alleged fraud was taken down? No one seems to wanna address those peoples concerns or issues they have with LSF or Tim. INSTEAD.... they attack those people with concerns and ANYONE who speaks out about the channel and it's creator. Calling them bullies and ruining the paranormal community. And that we all must unite in one big happy family and drawing you in and others in to this nonsense about what everyone is doing to him but not addressing the former fans or listeners who have an issue.
I have responded on my show, I have responded on Facebook, I'm responding on a blog and more than likely respond on my next show BUT not giving him 2 hours or 3 hours of advertising which is what Tim and his channel wants anyway. Because that's how he works. Advertising while you continue to give it to him over and over. I didn't really care about that advertising but I do appreciate you telling EVERYONE where my show is and who I am over and over and creating a page in the process attacking me while calling me a basher. I will not be giving you what you expect or addressing you personally no longer because what you are looking for will not be given. Like I said on my show I have more important things to address and there are more important people like his ex followers who matter. There are actual REAL individuals who are causing damage in this world and if you wanna continue to IGNORE and I will say it again. Ignore those who have concerns. You keep doing that because some of you will eventually be on this list of those who are angry and growing more angry by the minute. I stopped caring a loooong time ago because unlike people in this field such as yourselves, and I did mention this on my show. I'm not in it for revenge. I think people should have there concerns addressed and that is not being done. And the numbers continue to grow in anger. What does that say about his business. Not good for business to crap on your customers or fans and ignore them. Yes I'll say it once more. Ignore there concerns which is a definite FACT. 


I appreciate everyone's concerns and worries. What I am hearing is just WOW way over the top from some of the things that have been going on. PLEASE continue to send evidence and save everything you have in case these people continue attacking and slamming you. STOP fighting those who are involved with Tim and his people. There going to keep taking your photos as well as mine, Collect all of your private information, dig extremely deep into your private lives while accusing you of the same thing. They WANT a response. They EXPECT a response and it makes them look good and gives this guy advertising. Which is what Tim does. The more you talk the more it helps his cause. If he is going to continue to go down the path of what I'm being told, Much of which I did not say on the show, then eventually his reputation as well as his career and his credibility will end. BUT if you keep doing what his people are doing to you, it makes them look good and you look bad as well as ruin your credibility. Don't feed the fire. Use evidence because that speaks volumes. My issues and concerns from what they did to me in the past were NEVER addressed. NOT ONE of those people cared what happened to me and the people he hurt. I said a long time ago he was gonna do this to other people and it turns out he's done this to Scores of people. Which is a shame no one is getting the help they ask for. His people Bully while calling you bullies, They say were ruining the paranormal with all this drama while making pages and attacking people instead of fixing the problem. Choose your words carefully and be very patient because there will be times when it will temp you and make you snap. that's when you need to quit. Not worth it. Tim should be telling his people as well and addressing the problem with answers instead of hiding behind hypocrites who would rather keep making trouble and accuse those of the same thing. Evidence people. Don't talk. Because your being accused of lying and making things up. If this is what your being accused of then provide your evidence because this is what matters not words. Back it up. Believe me his people will not listen and they will continue to ignore you BUT there are people who are not involved who will listen and it plugs the hole of those flowing in to LSF who do not know who need to be warned. I thank you for your time. I appreciate you coming to me. I know the reason you came to me is being I was one of the first and not afraid to address this issue unlike those who will not. And please GIVE NO MONEY. This is ADVERTISING. It helps his cause.

By the way when you use my photos to attack me or my show They ARE owned by Jackalope Radio and They do mind you using them. They Have Lawyers and They Will use them. Thank you.

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